Aims and Objectives

1. To uphold the academic standards stipulated by the Igbinedion Universtiy, Okada
2. To provide a milieu conducive to learning and practicing of quality nursing care
3. To graduate professional nurses capable of providing high quality nursing care to
individuals, families and communities of diverse background and in a variety of social
and cultural settings nationally and globally
4. To assist students in learning to solve problems by exposing them to problem
situations and by solving them in research projects
5. To provide professional nurse practitioners who will be intellectually stimulated to
continually improve their practice skills through the utilization of research findings
and a commitment to self development.
By the end of the academic programme in Nursing, the undergraduate is expected to:-
1. Integrate concepts and principles from the biological, social, physical and nursing
sciences in the provision of comprehensive nursing care.
2. Function effectively independently and in collaboration with other members of
health and related sectors.
3. Utilize the nursing process and other tools of nursing in assisting individuals,
families and groups adapt to changing health needs.
4. Formulate a theoretical framework that is applicable to the nursing care of clients
at the three levels of health care by using tenets from relevant sciences.
5. Incorporate the medical plan of care into nursing activities to achieve the
objectives of the dependent, interdependent and independent functions of the
6. Contribute to the improvement of nursing practice by participating in
interdisciplinary research, utilizing the research process and publishing research
findings in nursing practice situations.
7. Appreciate the influence of culture and habits on the health status of clients and
utilize this knowledge in developing clinical skills and teaching.
8. Utilize the principles of management in the administration of health care facilities
and personnel.