Vision and Mission statement

1. To uphold the academic standards stipulated by the Igbinedion University, Okada.
2. To organize and offer courses and other related studies to undergraduate students as may
be prescribed by the Nigeria University Commission (NUC),Medical Laboratory Science
Council of Nigeria (MLSCN) and Senate of the University, leading to the award of the
degree of Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (BMLS).
3. To assist students in learning to solve problems by exposing them to problem situations
and by solving them in research projects.
4. To train and develop undergraduate students to fill the manpower needs of the country in
Medical Laboratory Science.
5. To graduate professional Medical Laboratory Scientists capable of providing high quality
laboratory services to individuals, families and communities of diverse background and
in a variety of social and cultural settings nationally and globally.
6. To produce Medical Laboratory Scientists who satisfy international standards and who
can undertake further training towards specialization.
7. To train research scientists who are able to make researches in the various disciplines of
Medical Laboratory Science.
8. Contribute to the improvement of Medical Laboratory Science practice by participating
in interdisciplinary research, utilizing the research process and publishing research
findings in Medical Laboratory Science practice situations.