Learning Outcome

the minimum academic standard required for each level.
All courses taught during each semester shall be examined at the end of that semester.
Only students who are duly registered for courses in a given semester and have met their
financial obligations to the university shall be eligible to sit for examination in those courses.
Students shall report at the stipulated examination halls fifteen minutes before the start of the
No candidate shall be allowed into the examination hall after 30 minutes of the start of the
examination or leave within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the examination.
Candidates must not bring into the examination hall any handset, computer, textbooks or
notes, or involved in any other form of exam malpractices.
Any candidate caught cheating during examinations must be made to complete the
examination malpractice form, which shall be handed over to the Dean for further action.
Candidates shall comply with instructions given by the Chief Invigilator as to the submission
of their answer booklet at the conclusion of the examination.
Courses are listed in the hand book in the following categories:
REQUIRED COURSES OR MANDATORY COURSES (R): These are courses which the
department requires the student to take and pass but may not be used in computing the final
degree result.
CORE COURSES (C): Courses the students must take and pass and must be used in
computing the final result.
ELECTIVE COURSES (E): These are courses chosen by the student according to his
interest in addition to those he/she must take to complete his degree requirements. The
student needs to be guided by his course adviser.
These are courses the knowledge of which is necessary prior to the taking of other specified
(usually higher level) courses. A student is deemed to have obtained the pre-requisite
knowledge if he obtains a mark not less than 30% but will not be credited with any grade
point unless he scores a minimum mark of 45%.
Pre-requisite courses must be reflected where applicable. As much as possible no course shall
be a pre-requisite for a course at the same level