The programme will be broad-based in order to produce graduates who will be able to:
1. Train students to acquire basic knowledge of Anatomical Principles.
2. Promote Anatomy as a subject through research that will lead to the acquisition of
higher qualification e.g. M.Sc and Ph.D degrees.
3. Teach Anatomy to Medical, Dental, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Medical
Laboratory Science students and other allied disciplines.
4. Be capable of functioning in applied Anatomy.
5. Acquire scientific competence in the use of basic laboratory equipments and
practical skill in experimental Anatomy.
6. To train students who can apply the knowledge of Anatomy to life situations.
7. To inculcate the knowledge of Anatomy sufficient for our Students to proceed for
further studies in relevant fields of specialization.
8. To train students who can adapt themselves after schooling to various life situation
including entrepreneurship.
9. To train students to have knowledge of applied Anatomy as used in Medicine,
Pharmacy, Nursing, Veterinary Medicine, Medical and Science Laboratory
programmes, Radiography, Physiotherapy, Human nutrition and other related
health sciences.