The Bachelor of Nursing Sciences degree requires systematic acquisition of knowledge in the
arts and sciences leading to the acquisition of the philosophical attitudes essential for
professional Nursing practice. The BNSc program of Igbinedion University is professional
as well as academic. It ensures that men and women who are genuinely interested in the
Nursing profession are able to pursue an academic career like their counterparts in other
The development of critical thinking skills through the study of Nursing theory, social and
natural sciences and research, enables the individual to function as a professional for the
provision of nursing care at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. The academic programme
in Nursing of the Igbinedion University conforms to the motto of the University “Knowledge
& Excellence”.
It is therefore designed to produce nurse practitioners that can understand the social,
psychological, and physical factors involved in the promotion, maintenance and restoration of
health and is able to translate these factors into health needs and relate them to the
appropriate health services and the broader social system of the nation and beyond.